3 Things I Learned After Doing 35 Podcast Interviews...

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In September of last year, I started the TOA Storytellers podcast with a simple premise -- interview people in the industry to learn not only about comp information but also -- MOSTLY -- to hear their personal stories. The trials and the triumphs.

35 podcasts later... I can boil down the guests' advice into 3 main things:

#1 Focus on what you can control
The illusion of control was always just that... an illusion. These days we don't control COVID-19 or the shelter-in-place orders or how long it lasts. None of it. But we do control:

- Our response
- Our attitude
- The example we set

What unique opportunities has this situation opened up that you CAN control? (For me, it's been the adoption of remote depositions as the new normal. Yay, Zoom!)

#2 Focus on what you feed your mind
Even before the coronavirus, some people treated negativity like a hobby. But now that there's a global pandemic, it's even worse.

A constant flow of negative news or social media -- past the point of being informative -- is likely not helpful. Instead:

- Feed on healthy brain food like good ol' fashioned books
- Learn something new on YouTube
- Mentor somebody (remotely) who needs your help

What is something you could start doing? What is something you could stop doing? (For me, I stopped scrolling through Twitter looking for coronavirus data every 5 seconds. Instead, I've returned to writing and recording music from home. I wrote the intro music to the podcast, btw.)

#3 Focus on the future

Every storm has a beginning, middle and end. My hope is we are nearer to the end than the beginning. And that means a bright future is right around the corner.

- Where do you see yourself a year from now?
- What positive changes do you want to keep in place even after the coronavirus?
- How will you remember 2020 looking back?

(For me, I see my court reporting agency doing remote depositions as a regular ongoing thing. Not only for the ease of scheduling, but also as a solution for the court reporter shortage.)
Please stay well!
~ Todd Olivas

P.S. Here's a partial list of our TOA Storytellers podcast guests:

Angel Guera-Chagolla / ARYZTA
Ed Howard / Howard Agency
Stacey Gunn / Keenan and Associates
Veda Mabry / PacSun
Johnny Acosta / Broadspire
Jeff Adelson / Adelson McLean
Christina Bardelli / Albert and Mackenzie
Mike Gaston / Singer & Benjumea
Phil Liberatore CPA
Keith Figgins / Michael Sullivan & Associates
Courtney Wells / Sedgwick
Kristen Chavez / WorkComp Central
Caryn Rinaldini / Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi
Kala Schmidt / The Oaks Law Group
Michael Sullivan / Michael Sullivan & Associates
Jennifer Lund / Global Risk
Todd Ewing / Hanna Brophy
Hector Benjumea / Singer & Benjumea
Josh Diggs / Orion Risk Management
Brian Gomez / GreenFruit Avocados
Charlie Camareno / CorVel
Dr. Paul Kim / Keystone Industrial Medicine
Jamie Asbury / The Deposition Reporters Association
Zarina Hora / Hora Law Firm
Vanessa Cronkite / Gallagher Bassett
Luis Echeverry / Continental Interpreting

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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