• The Beginning | How we got started

    It all started way back in 1991
    Before even knowing what a court reporter was, Todd got a job in the mail room of a court reporting agency back in 1991. Over time, he worked in production, detailing, and shipping -- almost every single department. And no one was more surprised than he was by his growing passion for the field of court reporting. Accordingly, he enrolled in South Coast College of Court Reporting and became a licensed CSR in 1999.

    Humble beginnings but big dreams
    In 2003, after being a freelance reporter for a number of years, Todd struck out on his own and formed Todd Olivas & Associates from the modest confines of a one-bedroom apartment. Before long he was able to cultivate client relationships with several large Workers' Compensation firms in the Southern California area. And within a few years, he added civil litigators and construction defect firms to his roster of clients.

    Quick Company Facts
    - Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
    - Started: 2003
    - Owner: Todd Olivas, CSR #12237
    - NCRA: No. #47273
    - Employees: 10+
    - Independent contractors: 100+
    - Conference suites: 264
    - 21,000+ depositions facilitated

    Our Growth is Due to:
    - A commitment to provide quality freelance reporters to attorneys.
    - Using only certified reporters and interpreters.
    - Hiring friendly and professional staff.
    - Delivering quality deposition transcripts on time.
    - Offering quality conference suites conveniently located throughout California.

Todd Olivas | Who is this guy?

     What is the key to our success?

     What is it really like to work for Todd?
Todd Olivas: Nightmare Boss - "The Way of the Iron Fist"

     He is an entrepreneur, educator, and published author. Todd served on the board of the Deposition Reporters Association from 2009 to 2011, 2019 to 2020.

With his commitment to excellence, Todd Olivas chooses to work with only the best court reporters, interpreters and videographers.

Client Logo
Client Logo
Client Logo
"I have used them for years now and will continue to do so."
-Dawn Russell
Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi

Milestones | From local to statewide agency

2003 to 2005

- TO&A forms in a small, one-bedroom apartment in Costa Mesa, CA.

- Prior to adding other court reporters to help out, Todd takes all the depositions himself and even flys up and down California to meet client demand.

- Hires office staff to help with growing calendar and production volume.

- In 2004, Todd takes his last deposition himself before "retiring" to the agency side of the business.

2006 to 2008

- Due to client requests, TO&A adds interpreters and videographers to its list of freelancers.

- Adds first few conference suites. Today TO&A has 264 deposition suites throughout the United States. See the list >

2009 to 2011

- Todd serves on the board of the Deposition Reporters Association from 2009 to 2011.

- Adds account representatives to help with client relations.

2012 - present

- TO&A becomes licensed Nevada firm and opens Nevada office.

- Company grows to include 10 office employees.

- TO&A has facilitated over 21,000 depositions nationwide to date.

Our Core Values | Things we believe are important

1. Taking Responsibility

We never run away from problems but rather leap into action like the court reporting world’s SEAL Team 6. We look at difficult situations as good opportunities in disguise. Question: "What is the hidden advantage we can find in this obstacle?"

2. Growth

Comfort kills. So we strive for business and personal growth in order to be of better service to others. Question: "Are we better than we were this time last year? Are we shrinking or expanding as people or as a business?"

3. Zero Arrogance Policy

We do not think less of ourselves but we think of ourselves less in order to stay humble. We do not believe humility is weakness but rather strength under control. Question: "Are we demonstrating restrained and refined strength?"

4. Creativity

We do things creatively and uniquely because we are always on the look­out for "blue ocean" and out-of-the-box thinking. Question: "What is another way of looking at this situation? Why have we always done things that way before?"

5. Excellence

Excellence > Perfection. We know we are not perfect but we always do our best. And in so doing we give honor to others and something bigger than ourselves. Question: "Does it honor and serve others in an excellent way?"

6. Focus

Recognizing we can’t do everything, we only say yes to the best and no to the rest. Question: "Is this a good thing or a great thing?"

7. Mentoring

We are responsible to learn and return knowledge and wisdom to help others. Question: "Who are we investing in? Who is investing in us?"

8. Generosity

We believe it is better to give than to receive; that no one has ever gone broke by giving, so we choose to give generously of our time, talent and treasure. Question: "Will this thing I am about to do require a sacrifice?"

9. Love and Respect

We treat our clients, coworkers, competitors, vendors, and ourselves with love and respect. Question: "What is in it for them?"