A Court Reporter Gets The Flu

If you've noticed the slow down of postings on this blog, I'm pleased to inform you that the rumors about my death are entirely exaggerated.

I am not dead. I have merely wished I was.

Rewind About Two Weeks Ago
I get to take care of my nine-year-old daughter Ruby. The vomiting. The fever. The staying home from school. Et cetera.

Fast-forward About One Week Ago
I get to take myself to the doctor's office. The fever. The fatigue. The flu. I usually pride myself on the fact that I never get sick. And when I say never, I mean NEVER. In my adult life, I cannot remember the last time I got sick. I guess I was due. I have never felt that sick in my life. Ever. I didn't get out of bed. I didn't go to work. I didn't do anything that I would otherwise normally do.

I read in the newspaper that this flu season was one of the worst on record. For me there is no doubt that it was terrible and awful.

Anybody else feel as bad as I did?
As the president of Todd Olivas & Associates, I guess, one of the perks is that I am able to call in sick without fear of job loss. I actually first wrote owner and not president. But technically, I am not the owner. I am an employee of a corporation. Anyway, my point is that I'm not going to fire myself, in other words. And I believe me when I pull the I'm-Too-Sick-To-Work card. But I feel very bad for all my independent contractor court reporters. When you guys call in sick, or pull yourselves off calendar due to illness -- somebody else gets to do the deposition and gets the pages accordingly.

I know in some states, it's the norm -- or at least one of the acceptable norms -- to be employed by a court reporting agency instead of contracted by them. Here in California, I've never heard of it being done. During this flu season, I can definitely see the benefit of being an employee rather than a IC.

What are your thoughts?
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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