California Court Reporting Firm Solves Age-Old Problem for Lawyers

Press Release 5/10/2007

FindTodd Olivas & Associates, Inc., a California-based court reporting firm solves the problem of lawyers needing to schedule depositions within a strict geographic radius for deponents. The firm boasts 114 deposition conference suites throughout California and Nevada all easily located by a zip code search tool.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) May 11, 2007 -- The age-old problem of scheduling a deposition near enough to a deponent's area has been solved by California court reporting agency, Todd Olivas & Associates, Inc.

The problem for many attorneys and their staff, says CEO, Todd Olivas, is finding a court reporting firm with full service conference rooms to take a deponent's deposition within the court mandated geographic radius. The radius is usually 75 miles or even smaller sometimes, if the deponent has a disability. California is a big state. So we needed to create a big list of conference rooms. And we needed to create a custom website tool to allow clients to locate their nearest conference room using the desired zip code. And we have done all that.

Todd Olivas & Associates currently has 750+ conference suites in California and Nevada totaling a staggering 57,000 square feet of space to hold depositions. But the four-year-old court reporting firm is not stopping there. By the end of 2007, we will have negotiated spaces throughout the entire southwest region of the United States. My goal is to offer our clients the easiest deposition experience possible simply by being everywhere, says Mr. Olivas.

My goal is to offer our clients the easiest deposition experience possible simply by being everywhere.
   -Todd Olivas
In addition to the sheer number of locations available, Todd Olivas & Associates realized that clients needed an easy method of locating their nearest conference suites. A database of zip codes and GPS coordinates was developed in-house by the firm's webmaster. The proprietary technology allows clients, typically law firms and their staff, to type in their desired zip code and instantly view the nearest deposition conference suite with a break down of mile radius, Google Maps, driving instructions, and site-specific amenities.

The technology that we developed is singular in our industry, says Mr. Olivas. No doubt about it, we are saving our clients time and money by this latest offering. And that makes me so proud, knowing we are serving our clients with these one-of-a-kind conference rooms and location tools.

Todd Olivas & Associates' conference suites and locator software is available at

About Todd Olivas & Associates, Inc.:
Todd Olivas & Associates was founded in 2003 by Certified Shorthand Reporter, Todd Olivas, CSR #12237. Providing attorneys with court reporters, interpreters and videographers, the firm has gained an impeccable reputation throughout California. With a passion for court reporting and excellent customer service, the firm hopes to continue to grow into other southwestern states and eventually nationwide by 2008.
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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