Can CAT software be run on a Netbook?


Can CAT software be run on a Netbook?

I'm not sure if anyone is actually doing RT from their Netbook?  I have heard conflicting stories about whether or not CAT software can even be installed on one...

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I know of a couple of reporters who use netbooks in the field with all of their software loaded via flash drive.

I personally have loaded atty viewing software on my netbooks and they work fine.

For the reporter to load, I think you just have to be sure you have enough memory or space or something, but other than that, it's not an issue that I've heard unless the small keyboard and screen size detract from your editing ability.


One hurdle to installing it on the netbook is that typically they don't have disk drives.  So you have to download it.  If that's not a big deal for you, give it a shot.
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Even the cheap netbooks out there today are blazing fast and should run CAT software just fine.  I've met depo reporters that used netbooks to RT for themselves during my interning.  The only complaint they received with using the throw down computers was the screen size.


We have loaded Case Catalyst on netbooks and it works fine.  It should run on virtually all net books without a problem.

If you need a floppy drive you can buy a USB floppy drive for about $20.

If you are going to windows 7 from windows XP then you will probably need to purchase new usb adaptors, since your old ones won't work properly.

If you are on a current version and have support through your CAT vendor then call them with any specific questions.

If you are on an older CAT system or not on support then post your questions here or call me.


Allan Dyer



I've been using a netbook for jobs for over a year, and it's been fine.  I love how small it is, and if something happened to it, it's not the end of my world.

However, I use DigitalCat software.  I'm not sure if the other softwares would work as well.  And I have to admit that the sound card is not that great, so my audio isn't as good.  I got a USB sound card to make up for it.

I write realtime to myself with it, but I wouldn't use if for a Livenote job.  In that case, I'd use my Levono laptop and use the netbook as an extra hookup.

Oh, and I wouldn't edit a job on it.  The keyboard is too small.


I have an HP netbook and it works perfectly fine with CaseCAT...i have heard from people that there is a bit of lag when doing realtime, but if you're hooked up to an atty's computer they don't have that lag, and I have never had that problem myself, i loooove it! it's great for getting work done on the train and when i'm waiting for jobs to start and so easy to carry around....also on HPs the keyboard is not soo small that it's hard to work on, so that's a plus 


I have personally installed case cat v11 on 3 net books thus far. It was worked on them all. Typically net books do have only 1 gb of memory and a weaker processor than your typical laptop has, but it's working. I wouldn't use it in conjunction with other simultationous applications running at the same time.


My local PC shop is selling a USB-powered DVD burner for $40! That would most handily take care of the no disk drive problem ....

That would work just fine for most people. Even though it's external... who needs it more than now and again?

Yes ... I'm also a bit worried about the quality of the netbook.  I'd prefer to buy one that doesn't have surprise battery issues (fully charged, but won't turn on without flashing the BIOS?!)... and, of course, I'd like it to be able to last for quite a while!

Anyone hear anything about quality ratings?

I know someone running ProCat on a Netbook, and she says it's awesome.  I'm on Case.  I suspect the installation is the main hurdle because I think the memory and processing should be fine.

I'm considering switching to a Netbook that I will then hook up to a docking station at home for editing.  The docking station will be networked to all the peripherals - printer, speakers (I hate headphones), larger monitor, ergo keyboard.  I use all of that now anyway (except for the screen) through a laptop stand with USB ports.

I DO use a Mac laptop for my personal stuff these days, though, so my PC is really only a work computer.  I don't have a bunch of memory-sucking media on it like a crazy WoW gamer.   :)


Ah, a fellow Mac-user! Well done!

Yes ... my eyes are getting weaker as time goes by. Those little screens just won't do it for me -- and, I'm sure, your older attorneys will feel the same way, so spend a bit more and get one with a larger screen!

Can you image trying to edit on it? What a nightmare. Thanks for the info. I didn't even think about the audio not being very good but getting an outboard USB is perfect.

I use an Acer with Windows XP to write for myself, but use it to receive CVN for the attorney & use a bigger Dell to send, usually, but have also used a netbook with Windows 7 for the attorney & sent from the XP one.  Just make sure the hardware is right for your programs!


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