Court Reporter In Long Beach Tonight

Tonight I'm the guest speaker for the Long Beach Legal Secretaries Association.  I'm doing my latest incarnation of M is for Marketing (How to Market Yourself to Become Indispensable to Your Law Firm... Plus How to Market Your LSI Chapter and Attract More Members).

I'm very excited about giving this speech.  As you can read here - My Speech to NALS of Orange County - this is my second crack at it.  But during the intervening month I've really put the polish and shine on this sucker.  (Or is it lipstick on a pig???  You be the judge and show up!) When I came home from the last speech I immediately jotted down some improvement areas.  Here is my little list:

1. Shorten the whole thing everywhere you can.
2. Shorten the Mary story especially.
3. Trim the fat.
4. Remember the Rule of 3.  Sometimes I ask too many questions.  It got tedious.
5. Try to add more cute stories.  Sizzler worked, San Jose seemed to work.
6. More humor.
7. Take out who cares?  Make it what then?

Now understandably, some of those items make no sense out of context.  That's not my point in bringing this up... 

My Point In Bringing This Up Is...
Anything that you want to do in life -- any task or skill or job -- whether in the legal field or court reporting or whatever -- you have to become intentional about improvement.  I don't think improvement happens by accident.  Improvement happens because of consistently doing the right kinds of exercise. 

Want to be a better court reporting student and nail that next speed? 
Practice consistently the right drills -- with accuracy -- and you will improve.

Want to be a better paid court reporter?
Practice consistently taking the right kind of dense jobs and your paycheck will increase.

Want to be a better legal secretary or paralegal?
Practice consistently doing the right kinds of continuing education and your resume will improve.

Want to be a better speech giver?
Practice consistently better and better material with as much stage time as possible and you will improve.

Any comments anybody?


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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