Court Reporter Speaks To Students

Press Release 4/23/2009

Temecula, CA - April 23, 2009 - Court reporting agency owner, Todd Olivas, of Todd Olivas & Associates, Inc., a nationwide court reporting firm is scheduled to speak to student court reporters in Cypress, California. For more information about Mr. Olivas' firm, please visit

As a frequent industry guest speaker, Mr. Olivas will be speaking about the court reporting industry in general as well as specific ways to be a successful court reporting student. As part of his talk, Mr. Olivas provides tips and advice on the best ways to stay motivated in school.

Many of the ways Mr. Olivas reveals to stay positive in court reporting school are not new or revolutionary. I typically come to remind people rather than instruct them on how to get out of school quickly, says Mr. Olivas. Things like showing up for school everyday, reviewing steno theory, and finding a mentor are just some of the common sense items that I remind students about.

Todd Olivas has been a licensed Certified Shorthand Reporter for California since 1999. He started his own agency in 2003 which has grown to provide deposition, interpreting and videography services in nearly all 50 states. Mr. Olivas is on the board of the Deposition Reporters Association as well as an expert contributor to his state's licensing entity: the Court Reporters Board of California.

For additional information on Todd Olivas, his court reporting agency or student speaking schedule, visit

About Todd Olivas & Associates, Inc.Todd Olivas & Associates, Inc. is a court reporting agency serving clients from Maine to Hawaii and everywhere in between.
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Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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