Court Reporting In Nevada

In order to become a court reporter in the state of Nevada, it is necessary to go through a certification process. Becoming certified is a step by step process which must be carefully followed. Provided here is a short guide to the court reporting certification process in Nevada.

Before being permitted to take the certification exam, applicants must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the field of court reporting. This knowledge may be demonstrated in any of several ways:

  • Passing the National Court Reporters Association exam for registered professional reporters
  • Passing the National Verbatim Reporters Association exam for certified verbatim reporters
  • Providing a certificate of satisfactory completion from a court reporter school that demonstrates competency of at least 200wpm with 97.5% accuracy
  • Possession of a certificate from the National Court Reporters Association demonstrating that the applicant is a registered professional reporter, certified broadcast captioner, certified realtime reporter, certified CART provider or registered merit reporter
  • Possession of a certificate of merit or certificate of certified verbatim reporter from the National Verbatim Reporters Association
  • Possession of certification or licensing in court reporting from another state
  • Demonstrating one full year of experience as a full-time court reporter
Additionally, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and of good moral character. He or she must also possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. An applicant may not be granted a certificate if he or she is in arrears on child support payments.

The Exam
The certification exam is administered twice a year, in the spring and fall. The test consists of two sections: written knowledge and skills. All applicants are expected to provide their own equipment and supplies, including extension cords.

Written Knowledge
The written test consists of between 150 and 200 questions. No notes or other materials may be used during this portion of the test. The test includes questions that test vocabulary and grammar as well as specific information related to the Nevada legal system. The test must be completed in one hour and forty-five minutes. A passing grade is 70.

Skills Assessment
Dictation will be given at a speed between 200-225 wpm. The applicant will take dictation using a stenotype machine that he or she provides. No other equipment is permitted in the dictation room. Following dictation, applicants are allowed three hours to complete a transcription using either a computer or typewriter. 97.5% is considered a passing grade.

After Certification
After receiving a certificate of court reporting, all court reporters are required to maintain continuing education credits. The Nevada Court Reporters Association provides numerous opportunities throughout the year to attend seminars and workshops for continuing education credits.

The Association also provides a wealth of information regarding updated laws and procedures, via a booklet that members may order at a nominal charge. However, this information is not updated frequently, so it is worthwhile for members to remain abreast of changes on their own as well.
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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