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Press Release 6/15/2007

A Court Reporting Service in California, Todd Olivas & Associates, has sponsored the World's Funniest Court Reporting Video Contest. Three semi-finalist court reporting videos are competing for the title. Voters can cast their vote through the following court reporting website.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) June 15, 2007 -- In an effort to foster the lighter side of an ordinarily serious profession, California Court Reporting Service, Todd Olivas & Associates, has sponsored a video contest. The contestants? Carol Burnett, Candid Camera, and a virtually unknown but hilarious lawyer with a video camera trained on an unwitting employee and court reporter.

We think these court reporting videos are hysterical, says court reporter and CEO, Todd Olivas. There are a lot of funny things that go on in our profession even though most people don't typically equate court reporting with a sense of humor. Thus, we've published three of the world's funniest court reporting videos on our website -- just to prove them all wrong. There is a vote system on there so people can help us choose which one is the winner.

It's my mission to create excitement about court reporting once again and I'm happy to do it through things like this World's Funniest Court Reporting Video Contest.
   -Todd Olivas

While few people know much more about court reporters than they can type really fast and they use those funny machines, court reporting service owner, Mr. Olivas, is passionate about the court reporting profession. We spend so much of our time just trying to do a great job representing the field of court reporting, producing great transcripts for depositions that I thought it would be fun to add a little levity by sponsoring this funny court reporting video contest.

So far, Mr. Olivas', efforts have not gone unnoticed. I've been getting letters, emails and phone calls from people all around the country asking about the excitement that we are creating over here about the field of court reporting. There is a buzz about us and I'm just excited that court reporting and court reporting services like ours are finally getting their just due. For too long, this field has been thought of as something plain and boring. No more! It's my mission to create excitement about court reporting once again and I'm happy to do it through things like this World's Funniest Court Reporting Video Contest.

The World's Funniest Court Reporting Video Contest is open now for people to cast their vote and help usher in a new era of exciting court reporting Web 2.0 media attention.

About Todd Olivas & Associates, Inc.:
Todd Olivas & Associates - Court Reporting was founded in 2003 by Certified Shorthand Reporter, Todd Olivas, CSR #12237. Providing attorneys with court reporters, interpreters and videographers, the firm has gained an impeccable reputation throughout California. With a passion for court reporting and excellent customer service, the California court reporting firm hopes to continue to grow into other southwestern states and eventually nationwide by 2008.

Watch the videos now!
Friday, May 15, 2015

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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