Electronic Filing

Hey everybody, I found an interesting article on electronic filing at the National Court Reporting Association's website...

If you ask 10 different courts about their electronic filing system, you will probably receive 10 different descriptions and interpretations of electronic filing. The earliest version of e-filing was merely the receipt and transmission of documents via fax. It was a simple method of getting documents to or from a court without postage or courier expenses. The next generation of e-filing is the scanning and storage of electronic images of documents. Some courts manually enter data from the scanned documents to be incorporated into a database.

Incorporating the Transcript
The way court reporters' transcripts are incorporated into the electronic filing system varies. Some courts are including an electronic form, whether that be ASCII, .pdf, or some other format for downloading by the general public. Other courts are restricting access to the parties only. Sometimes there is a fee involved, but the court receives the income from downloading the transcripts. Some courts are putting the title, appearance, index, and certificate pages only with contact information to obtain copies from the court reporter. One court is in the process of incorporating a link to Exemplaris to comply with the electronic filing requirements for transcripts.

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

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