Former Jilio & Associates Employee Comes Aboard

Recently we hired Samuel Sammy Serrano to help us with Calendar and Production.  Sammy comes to us with over a decade of experience working in the court reporting field.  I asked him to write a little bit about his experiences and what follows is the result.  To clients and reporters, I hope you enjoy working with Sammy as much as we already do.  Here is our first-ever guest blog post, by Sammy Serrano:

Hello! It seems that once you enter the court reporting business, you get hooked. My name is Samuel Serrano and I answered an ad from the Register newspaper looking for someone to run a copier back in 1995, and it turned out to be a pioneer court reporting agency named Jilio & Associates. As I began to accumulate years at the agency the whole reporting business became very stimulating to me. I never really wanted to be a court reporter, but I liked everything else from the calendaring of a deposition to the finished product. A joy came to me as I bound a transcript and shipped it to an attorney (especially when it was shipped out earlier than expected).

I tried to leave the business once or twice to try something else but always ended up coming back. The owner of Jilio then sold her company and later opened another reporting firm by the name of Ryan, Hunter and Pa'u in 2003. She must have noticed my attachment to reporting agencies for she decided to hire me again for her new company. It was in this new company that I grasped every aspect of the reporting business. I learned marketing, calendar, billing, accounting, production and even setting up a room for a deposition. I left this company in 2007 to focus on my spiritual career as a Pastor, but look, now I am BACK IN THE BUSINESS.

I was recently hired by Todd Olivas & Associates, located in Temecula, California. I live in Orange County and my commute is a bit far. Yet I'd rather work at a reporting agency that is far than in a law firm that's around the corner. I'm glad to be among the transcripts, the asciis, the reporter certs, etc. Funny but I have four other family members that are in the business as well. They are not reporters, they are all behind the scenes like me. If destiny is what has led us to this path then thank God for destiny because it truly is a good place to be!


Sammy Serrano

Friday, September 4, 2009

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

  Comment by Micki England | Tuesday, September 8, 2009
Hello Sammy,

Sounds like you are an answer to prayer!  Todd is a wonderful person. May your business relationship flourish.

God Bless all of you,

Micki England
Cerritos Court Reporting

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