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If you would like a free court reporting T-Shirt, here's how you can get one for FREE -- as in zero dollars -- gratis -- sent to you...If you run a website or a blog, just create link to this court reporter's blog or my main court reporting website and I'll send you out a free steno shirt. In other words, I'm willing to spend a T-shirt for a link to my site. It's worth it to me to give out a shirt and pay the expense of the shipping charges in order to acquire website links to my page.

Why Do I Want Links?
I want as many people to be aware of my website as possible. Period. Allow me to toot my own horn for just a moment...

Toot #1
I believe that my website -- while starting out just being a marketing vehicle for my court reporting service -- has turned a corner in the past 12 months. I believe that I'm making this site to be one of the best court reporting centric websites on the net. (At least I'm trying!) The heart of this website -- my heart in general for this profession -- has really surfaced during 2007. I'm more impassioned than ever about promoting this as a great career. Not only with the website but also with my speaking engagements to court reporting schools.

Toot #2
I believe that I've got a launching pad for building a truly unique website, filled with valuable content about the field of court reporting. More than merely a sales pitch saying, Hi ya'al. I'm Toddddd Olivvvvus Your Friendly Neighborhood Court Reporting Agency. When you're in the mood for a deposition, so are we. Um, or something like that.With our court reporting blog (which you are currently reading), the court reporters' quiz section, the articles about court reporting, the deadline calculator tool and the court reporting teacher's tool -- I'm more than just a little proud of what my team has accomplished this year on the website.

Ok, Enough Tooting My Own Horn... Why Am I Giving Out Free T-Shirts For Links?
I want as many people to know about this site as possible. So in that vein, I'm asking for people who run websites and blogs if they will link to me. In exchange, I want to give back something that has value as well. (Besides a reciprocating link.) I'll ship you my famous court reporting T-shirt ($10.00 value + $5.00 shipping & handling.)If you link to me, shoot me an email to let me know that it's up. Then we can arrange to get you your shirt. My email address is todd (at) toddolivas (dot) com.
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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