Law Firm Stress: 5 Ways To Not Worry And Be Happy!

dontworry.jpgSince it's the middle of summer right now and we're all either leaving for or returning from our vacations, I thought an article about stress-free living would be appropriate. I know that in my day-to-day activities as a court reporting agency, things can get pretty hairy. And I'm sure that you in your paralegal or legal secretary duties it's the same thing.

News flash: Being stressed is not part of a healthy lifestyle! We all know that tot only is stress bad for us physically, but did you know that it can also cause you to eat more and exercise less? Stress is a huge roadblock in the way of a healthy lifestyle.What can we do to effectively manage stress?

The following five steps will help you to make changes to have less stress and more happiness in your life.

1. Physician Know Thyself
Learn to understand what situations at your law firm; events, circumstances and people cause you to feel negative stress. Think about what message your brain is telling you about why you feel stressed. Notice the physical reactions you have, a racing heart, and shortness of breath, tight muscles or feeling angry and upset.

2. Make A Plan
In your job as a legal professional, is there a way you can set up a structure to reduce or eliminate the stress of your caseload or your attorney's schedule by being more organized or managing you time better. Can you avoid or eliminate any of the things that cause you negative stress? Can you reduce your exposure to stress by taking a break away from the situation?

3. Smile More
No one has the power to put you in a bad mood… except you. Your attorney can't; the managing partners can't; your fellow legal secretaries can't. To put it another way, no one can force you to frown. Learn relaxation and deep breathing techniques that will slow down your racing heart, improve your breathing and relax those tense muscles. Learn to smile and laugh more. It's hard to be angry and stressed while you're laughing.

4. Have Good Support
Don't live up to other expectations, as these will not be in alignment with your own needs and values. Hang around upbuilding and supportive friends or co-workers. Find someone to share your concerns with. Also learn to ask for and accept help.

5. Move Your Body
Being in good physical shape simply reduces stress. Be physically active everyday. Eat well, don't smoke or drink excessively. Get enough sleep and regularly take time out to do things you enjoy. Take the stairs; park in the farthest parking spot available; carry files around in your arms (if possible) instead of using the cart. Move your body!

This week look at what is causing you stress and then work at applying the appropriate steps in this article. Be realistic and make changes slowly. Above all, don't worry be happy!
Monday, July 16, 2007

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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