Legal Secretary Association Members? Where Is Everybody? (2)

n, megaphone, speaking-trumpet, bullhorn or loud hailer is a portable, usually hand-held, funnel-shaped device whose application is to send a personís natural voice toward a targeted direction for a specified purpose. (wikipedia)

If you've read my court reporting blog for any length of time, there is one theme that bubbles to the surface time and time again... everyone is their own megaphone. In other words, everyone markets themselves all day long.

Everyone Is A Marketer
When you're writing your resume, you are marketing. When you speak to the HR department at a prospective law firm -- even on the phone -- you are marketing. Your tone of voice, your professionalism is being marketed across the phone line to the other person. Certainly when you sit down for a job interview, you are marketing. Once you land the job, your job of marketing yourself continues in perpetuity.

I wrote a whole series of blogs about asking for a raise -- the main point was this: you need to market yourself in the right ways in order to get a raise. Thus, continuing with my theme in my article for LSI, as a Legal Secretary Association chapter and member everyone is a marketer.

The crux of my legal secretary marketing article was this: In 2006 the State Bar of California wrote a survey containing the three primary marketing considerations for their growth. Ok, the State Bar of California put out this report and they came up with 3 things that they needed to do to continuing growing their membership base.

3 Things The State Bar Of California Does To Increase Its Membership Base
1) Improve communication with members about what products are available.
2) Broaden the array of products available.
3) Increase the perceived value and quality of the products.

The same three marketing considerations apply to LSI. I put them in slightly different language, however:

3 Things Legal Secretary Associations Need To Do To Increase Their Membership Base
1) Keep all your members in the loop.
2) Rack your brains to come up with even more cool stuff to learn and do.
3) Market 'till the cows come home.Stay tuned. Much more coming up in this series...
Friday, July 27, 2007

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

  Comment by Kevin | Monday, April 20, 2015
How are u , Todd I am a 36 year old male , recently laid off from two jobs one was a ware house worker in a jail the other a truck driver , I lost my jobs , house girlfriend even a dog , I don`t have many skills and I hate driving trucks and the warehouse job I had wasn`t a typical warehouse job ,I got lucky it was civil service 58,000 a year (regular warehouse pays 12 an hour ) I was looking into court reporting , can you give me a little incite on it and tell me what to expect and are there really jobs , if I became successful at it .

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