New Article: 5 Characteristics Of A Quality Court Reporter

While this list is not exhaustive by any means, we just posted a new article about the 5 Characteristics Of A Quality Court Reporter. For all you CSRs out there, what qualities do you feel are important?

When looking to employ a quality court reporter, there are a number of key characteristics to keep in mind. A court reporter should be able to perform the tasks of his or her profession accurately, of course, but there are a number of intangibles to look for when making the ultimate critical hiring decision. Court reporting can be a tough career, but there are a few traits that set the paramount court reporter above the rest. They include:

  • Concentration
  • Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Maturity
  • Promptness
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

  Comment by Lyn Rubenstein | Tuesday, January 20, 2009
I worked as a court reporter for 36 years and personally feel there are a number of characteristics that make a good reporter. Combined, and used properly, a reporter will be great. A reporter should arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early, have the caption information ahead of time and be extremely pleasant to all counsel and witnesses involved. Everything should be looked when transcribing/proofing the deposition to make sure all terminology is correct. Nothing is worse than the wrong medical word, as an example, being used. These are a few helpful hints to achieving success anywhere in the United States.

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