New Quiz: California`s Minimum Transcript Format

I just posted a new quiz.  It's been an embarrassingly long time since the last new quiz was added.  Hopefully, as time permits, even more will be added soon.  This new quiz is all about California's Minimum Transcript Format Standards (MFTS).  Here's a sample of the questions:

  • Unless a licensee is employed by a court AND acting in the capacity of an official AND such court has its own transcript standards, then California's MTFS are applicable.
    True or False?
  • The California CRB has the legal authority to discipline a California licensee for NOT following another jurisdiction's format.
    True or False?
  • The California CRB has the authority and jurisdiction to investigate complaints from any source alleging violations of laws and regulations related to the practice of certified shorthand reporting.
    True or False?
  • What possible outcomes may follow the investigation of a complaints?
  • Would the California CRB discipline a licensee if a transcript format complaint was received from another jurisdiction's Board or other entity?
  • Are California's MTFS applicable in a U.S. District Court (federal) case?
    Yes or No?
  • If a licensee reports and transcribes depositions within California in a case venued in a state other than California, are California's MTFS applicable?
  • The Q and A symbol must precede the first character of text
    True or False?
  • Text must begin no more than ___ spaces from the left-hand margin.
  • The use of a period after a Q and A is a matter of style
    True or False?
  • Do the MTFS apply to appearance, index and certificate pages?
    Yes or No?
  • If a particular item (like the appearance or certificate page) is not specifically addressed in the MTFS, you are free to prepare them any way you want.
    Yes or No?
  • If any agency formats a reporter's transcripts ___
  • If the California CRB receives a complaint regarding the MTFS, ____ will be held responsible to address the complaint.
  • No fewer than ____ typed text lines per page.
  • A full line of text shall be no fewer than ___ characters.
  • When timestamping is used, a full line of text shall be no fewer than ___ characters.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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