New Quiz: The 10 Commandments of Court Reporter Ethics

We just finalized our 10th quiz for Quiz Central.  Quite approrpriately, the quiz is take from NCRA's Code of Professional Ethics.  We've entitled this quiz, The 10 Commandments of Professional Ethics.

What Kinds of Things Does a Court Reporter Need to Know About Ethics?
Take the quiz to test your knowledge about the following situations...

  • It is a license-revoking offense to disobey the Code of Professional Ethics --
  • The Code of Professional Ethics adopted by the NCRA is important for which three relationships --
  • If an unforeseen situation arises that is not addressed by the Code of Professional Ethics, the reporter should --
  • A reporter must be fair and impartial toward which participants --
  • A reporter must never provide comparable services to the parties in a proceeding --
  • If the reporter detects that there may be a conflict of interest -- 
  • A conflict of interest may include even merely the appearance of a conflict of interest --
  • The reporter must guard against not only the fact but the appearance of being in a bad mood --
  • If there is not only the fact but the appearance of impropriety -- 
  • The reporter must preserve the confidentiality and ensure the security of -- 
  • It is a violation of the Code of Professional Ethics if a reporter lies about his/her qualifications either in advertising or public statements -- 
  • An official reporter must never perform freelance reporting activities -- 
  • If an official reporter takes a freelance deposition, which function takes precedence -- 
  • The reporter has the lawful right to determine fees independently --
  • The freelance reporter has a right to offer gifts or incentives to any client in any amount -- 
  • A reporter can only give a gift or incentive if the item does not exceed which amount total per each recipient -- 
  • Complete the following sentence: The reporter must maintain the ________ of the reporting profession --
  • The NCRA Constitution & Bylaws are _________ for all Member reporters --
Take the quiz now!
Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Todd Olivas

Todd Olivas is a court reporter and entrepreneur.
He founded TO&A in 2003.

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