What is considered litigation support?

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What is considered litigation support?

What is considered litigation support?

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We are!    lol!   It's true along with the answers above - anything and everything beyond the attys' own hands in efforts to forward his/her case....including videographers.   I often hear that term associated with syncing the transcript.   That's a lit support tool!

Heck, even booking the court reporter, getting a rough draft right away, getting expedited transcripts cc'g all parties working on the case = this is all great litigation support!


Unlike evidence which is directly related to the case, litigation support refers to the tools that attorneys use to support their case in the courtroom. 


Litigation support involves charts, computerized recreations of the scene or accident, and other visual tools that are used to help the attorneys in a case communicate information more clearly. However, be careful you're not talking about lit support - which, in court reporter terms, is more narrow. Lit support refers to copies of the testimony transcripts on CD or copies of the images used as exhibits which may need to be provided during the case.

In 2010 I started a website forum called 'Read Back' which was geared for court reporting-related questions & answers. People asked questions, others answers. I added the ability to vote on the best answers as deemed by the other site users. It was a great site, full of info and a little bit of humor. Unfortunately, I took the site down in 2014 due to lack of technical support :( However, with over four years' worth of information stockpiled, I've decided to turn some of the best Q & As into blog posts.


Friday, May 23, 2014

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